Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS)

Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS, formerly known as PoLCE) is the policy process for patients needing a procedure where certain criteria or a threshold must be met before funding is approved.

On 1 April 2020, the process for submitting referrals that are subject to the EBICS policy changed. Previously referrals were managed by the Individual Funding Request Team (IFR) and submitted via an application form via Blueteq. (Please note: If a GP or consultant wants to apply for an intervention that is not within EBICS or the application is made on clinical exceptionality or rarity, the application should continue to be sent to the IFR team as usual.)

From 1 April 2020, all referrals for EBICS related procedures should be submitted to Camden Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS) before making a referral to secondary care. The service was previously provided by NELCSU. Referrals are peer-reviewed by a GP with specialist knowledge of pathways and services. The service aims to ensure that referrals to secondary care are appropriate and to make it easy for patients to book their hospital appointments.

Following the submission of an application form to the CCAS team (see how to refer), practices will receive an acknowledgement within five days, followed by an approval letter; providing the patient meets the eligibility criteria for referral to secondary care.

Secondary care providers will not accept direct referrals for EBICS procedures unless the referral is accompanied by a CCAS approval letter. Referrals sent directly to Providers without prior approval will be returned to the patient’s GP asking for approval to be sought.

For musculoskeletal-related EBICS procedures, referrals should be made to the MSK single point of access in the first instance. Any MSK EBICS applications made to CCAS directly may otherwise be rejected. 

If you are not sure whether you should make a referral then do talk with colleagues within your practice, or call CCAS to speak to a CCAS Assessor.

t: 0203 688 1748
e: EBICS.islington@nhs.net

How to refer

Complete the EBICS Approval Application Form before making a referral to secondary care, include relevant supporting information, such as clinic letters and a summary printout of the GP record attached, wherever possible.

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS underISL global documents > EBICS  > Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS) Approval form

e: EBICS.islington@nhs.net