Individual Funding Requests (IFR)


If there are exceptional clinical circumstances for a treatment or drug to be provided that the CCG does not usually fund, cases should be referred to the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Panel using the IFR Application Form. The panel meets monthly. Requests are not accepted directly from patients. 

See the Individual Funding Request Policy for how decisions are made. (A new IFR policy is due to be agreed in October 2020, a link to it will be provided once it is in place.) 

Quick notes on submitting an application can be downloaded from the Blueteq website

The NEL IFR Team can also provide support
t: 020 3688 1290

How to refer

From Monday 20 January 2020, the NEL IFR team has required clinical applicants to submit all IFR applications online via the Blueteq system, see Introducing the Online IFR Application Form, in downloads.

Please note: All applications need to clearly show that patient consent has been obtained. Without this, the IFR team is unable to accept referrals and these will be returned.

Blueteq website