Royal Free & UCLH e-RS Urgent (non-2WW) Process


UCLH and Royal Free have confirmed that they will be clinically triaging Urgent (non-2WW) referrals on e-Referrals. Please note, GPs should still phone the on-call registrar for very soon referrals.

  • As usual, when writing the referral mark your letter ‘Urgent’.
  • In e-Referrals please select ‘Urgent’ as priority.
  • Then ‘Search All’ to find and select the hospital service you are looking for. Urgent referrals do not come via CHI RSS.
  • Select ‘Appointment Search’ to bring up appointments to book.

There will be two scenarios you could encounter:

1. You are able to book an appointment

The referral will then be reviewed by a clinician at the hospital and the appointment will either be:

  • Brought forward – if it is felt the patient needs to be seen sooner than the appointment you have booked (you may need to check ‘view history’ for the date & time as it could be booked outside of e-Referrals).
  • Downgraded – The referral is triaged but considered non-Urgent and the appointment left as it is. The URBN will be 'Accepted' in e-Referrals as this is the hospital’s way of indicating it is taking responsibility for downgrading the referral to routine (check ‘view history’)
  • Deemed Suitable – The appointments on the system are within appropriate timescales for an Urgent (non-2WW) referral and therefore may not be triaged.

2. There are no appointments available

You should ‘Defer To Provider' and after consultant clinical triage:

  • An appointment will be booked in e-Referrals (either routine if downgraded or booked as Urgent)
  • No appointment booked but a note is left in e-Referrals explaining that an appointment will be booked when available

Both Royal Free and UCLH state in their Access Policies that they will triage within 5 working days.

It is advised that Urgent (non-2WW) referrals sent via e-RS are monitored and safety-netted in the same way you currently safety-net your Urgent (non-2WW) referrals now.