Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (formerly PoLCE)


Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (formerly PoLCE) is the referral process for patients needing a procedure where certain criteria or a threshold must be met before funding is approved. Please be aware the name of this program changed from PoLCE on 8 October 2019. New forms forthcoming. 

See Downloads for the EBICS policy, a summary of the changes and the policy feedback form.

To refer to Open MRI with InHealth click the link below and scroll to How to Refer.

For MSK EBICS related procedures, consider referral to MSK service in first instance if deemed appropriate. Any MSK EBICS applications made to CHI RSS (formerly known as CCAS) may otherwise be rejected.

Feedback on the EBICS policy can be given by submitting your comments using the feedback form (see Downloads) to nelcsu.hpsu@nhs.net.

If patient does not meet EBICS criteria, please refer to Individual Funding Requests (link below under Useful Resources).

How to refer

Please complete the EBICS Approval Application Form before making their referral to secondary care with relevant supporting information, such as clinic letters and a summary printout of the GP record attached, wherever possible.

The form is available as an EMIS form or a Word form (both can be found in the Downloads section). Completed forms should be sent by email.

e: polce.camden@nhs.net