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Please see the Advice and Guidance specialities table in the Downloads section for a list of Advice and Guidance specialties which are available at local Royal Free, Whittington and UCLH. Please also see the Advice and Guidance specialties table (UCLH) for links to the services available at UCLH.

Advice and Guidance allows the 'requesting' clinician to seek advice from a clinician at the provider hospital on:

  • treatment plan and/or patient management
  • test results
  • appropriateness of a referral (e.g. whether to refer, what the most appropriate alternative care pathway might be)
  • most clinically appropriate service to refer to (and how to find it)

GPs across North Central London (NCL) can now request non-urgent clinical advice and guidance from specialists in any of the four main NHS acute trusts in NCL.

Acute trusts must ensure that 80 per cent of responses to requests are completed within two working days. This closer collaboration between hospital clinicians and GPs has been shown to benefit patients and their care, support GPs in managing patient care, and improve the quality of referrals to acute care.

See Downloads for the Advice and Guidance document for details on how to use advice and guidance. Advice and Guidance has been enhanced to provide 'multi-way' conversations, allowing the consultant to request further information from the GP and allowing the GP to ask one more question. 

The scheme works as follows:

Camden - Mental Health Teams

See Downloads for the Mental Health Teams Advice and Guidance contact details (updated January 2021).