Ambulatory Care (Adults)

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Service update: February 2021

Quick access advice and guidance on ambulatory care is available by phone during the Covid-19 pandemic.

UCLH Ambulatory Care Consultant
t: 07908 250 947 (8am-8pm, seven days a week)

Out of hours cover will be provided by the Duty Medical Registrar
t: 020 3456 7890 bleep 4301

Whittington Health Ambulatory Care Consultant

t: 020 7288 5940 (8am-10pm weekdays, 8am-8pm weekends)
Weekdays: no new patients after 5pm
Weekends: no new patients after 3pm

t: 020 7272 3070 (out of hours, ask for Ambulatory Care Consultant)

The Ambulatory Care service offers same day care to patients with acute medical conditions. Its role is to provide same day access to urgent assessment and treatment avoiding the need for admission to hospital, for ambulant patients and those needing inpatient style care. The service is not pathway or condition led to ensure that all patients can be considered. All patients must be referred and clinically accepted by the ambulatory care team.

UCLH Emergency Day Unit

GP referral line: 07908 250 947
Ground Floor, University College London Hospital, 235 Euston Rd, Fitzrovia, London NW1 2BU

Call the service for triage. If the referral is accepted, a referral form will need to be completed by the GP.
Out-of-hours telephone will be answered by deputy medical registrar.

Whittington Health Ambulatory Care Centre (Adults)

To refer to the service, please call 07775 117 679 to speak to the Ambulatory Care Consultant.

Out of hours

t: 020 7272 3070 (out of hours, ask for Ambulatory Care Consultant)

If accepted, they will usually ask you to send the patient on the day to the ambulatory care centre. If clinically appropriate, they may ask the patient to attend the next day.

Eligibility criteria


  • adults needing emergency care, referred by their GP


  • patients who do not need urgent or emergency care

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs,

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Referral methods: Email

Call either service for triage. You may be asked to send a follow-up referral form (details will be provided).

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