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Barnet updated its fertility policy in August 2020 (see downloads), revising the upper age limit for women to be referred for fertility treatment (to 43rd birthday from 42nd birthday).

Patients are usually referred to UCLH, or Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. If IVF treatment is required please refer to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital where Barnet’s only commissioned IVF service is provided at the ACU (Assisted Conception Unit) to avoid delays to the patient pathway.

If assisted conception is offered, the fertility clinic will refer to tertiary care, at the Assisted Conception Unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. GPs cannot refer directly to tertiary care.

Please note all fertility referrals need to be sent to the Barnet Community Gynaecology Service (via the Barnet RMS) first with all the pre-referral investigations. Do not refer until all results are available and attached. 

See female infertility checklist below:

  • cervical smear (if due)
  • semen analysis
  • chlamydia screening
  • BMI
  • rubella immunity
  • pelvic USS 
    • if irregular periods:
      • FSH / LH (day 2-4)
      • TFT 
      • Prolactin levels
    • if regular periods: 
      • FSH/LH (day 2 –4)
      • Measurement of mid-luteal phase progesterone

Couples will be seen within four weeks of referral when all investigations are attached. 

Please also note that the contract for assisted conception for Barnet patients is at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital only. Couples must be informed of this and the referral criteria (see below). 

Barnet IVF criteria (see fertility policy in Downloads section on the right):

  1. The woman should be aged 23-42 years at the time of treatment. Treatment needs to start before the 43rd birthday.
  2. The couple have no child with each other.
  3. The couple should have an identified cause of their fertility problems or unexplained sub-fertility of two years (investigate after one year). Earlier referral for women over 35 (one year of trying with unexplained sub-fertility – investigations can start at 6 months)
  4. The woman s body mass index must be in the range 19-30 before referral and commencing treatment
  5. Couples should be non-smokers at the time of treatment.
  6. Couples will be offered one fresh IVF cycle. A second cycle from frozen embryos may be offered. 

Assisted Conception Unit (ACU), Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital

Covid-19: The ACU team have confirmed that they are doing all they can to expedite patient treatment in light of the current constraints.  

To allow sufficient time to process the referral, the ACU team have suggested that patients can email four to five weeks after their referral has been sent. This will ensure the administrative team can provide a meaningful reply.

Eligibility criteria


Specific tests are required prior to referral to fertility clinics. Minimum requirements are as follows.


  • AMH, FSH or AFC
  • progesterone if regular cycles


Upon referral:

  • include partner's details
  • complete semen analysis and other required testing (see inclusions section above)

GP Referral to Assisted Conception Unit pathway

For patients with exceptional clinical circumstances not met by the policy, please submit an Individual Funding Request

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Barnet Community Gynaecology Service


Assisted Conception Unit (ACU), Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital

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