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Please note that this page is due to be reviewed by the responsible clinicial lead or provider by May 13th, 2021. The information shown here may be out of date.

Covid-19 notice: Brook is running an appointment-based service only, which includes telephone consultations. To book an appointment, call referral number during opening hours.

Walk-in services. Condoms and pregnancy tests may be picked up without needing to see a nurse. Rapid HIV testing is available. 

Brook sexual health clinic provides:

  • contraception
  • emergency contraception
  • pregnancy testing
  • screening for infections
  • termination referrals
  • counselling
  • disabled access
  • interpreting service

For information on the Come Correct (or c-card) scheme (access to free condoms in a number of outlets) in Camden, click here.

Eligibility criteria


  • Under 25s only

How to refer

Self-referral Patient Leaflet

Patients can attend walk-in clinic – please provide patient leaflet.

Opening times: Monday-Friday 12:15-6pm, Saturday 12-2pm.

t: 020 7387 8700