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Covid-19 update, April 2022

Whilst the face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation groups are now being resumed, there are unfortunately long waiting times as the service recovers.

Please continue to refer as normal, and the pulmonary rehabilitation team will make contact with the patient to offer one of the following options:

  • advice and signposting to online/digital resources (e.g. BLF, SPACE, COPD YouTube channel, My COPD App)
  • provision of a basic home exercise programme
  • remote pulmonary rehabilitation
  • face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation. 

The pulmonary rehabilitation course, lasting six weeks, focuses on exercise, education and self-management.

Pulmonary rehabilitation should be offered to all patients MRC 3 and above, as well as any patients who feel functionally limited by breathlessness, or exacerbate frequently; see NICE COPD guidelines 2018 (External links).

Please include patient spirometry with tracing confirming diagnosis of COPD on referral.

Eligibility criteria


  • registered with Camden GP
  • MRC score of 3–5
  • MRC score of 1 or 2 with a history of repeated exacerbations or limited by breathlessness
  • COPD diagnosis confirmed with quality assured spirometry
  • sufficient mobility
  • optimal medical management
  • ability to travel for face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation (transport available if otherwise unable to attend)
  • internet capabilities at home and if possible a laptop/tablet (a tablet can be arranged if the patient only has internet at home) 
  • willingness to participate.


  • unstable angina
  • MI in last four weeks
  • uncontrolled CVD
  • serious locomotor disorders
  • other serious medical condition/cognitive impairment that restricts ability to participate
  • have attended in last year.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Complete the EMIS form (attaching any relevant discharge, outpatient reports or recent spirometry) and send by email.

Where to find the form:

EMIS Forms page > Camden Community Health Referral Form - CNWL


Please note: Any incomplete referral forms will not be accepted and will be returned to the referrer.

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Please complete referral form (attaching any relevant discharge, outpatient reports or recent spirometry).


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