Centre 404: Learning Disability Support

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Support for individuals with learning difficulties

  • help with accommodation and living
  • voluntary and work experience
  • clubs and activities
  • finding and matching service for a personal support worker (if you have a personal budget)

Support for families

  • a listening ear and an opportunity to meet similar families
  • help to understand disabilities
  • advice for rights and accessing the right services
  • benefits advice

Family carers reference group

This is a forum for family carers caring for someone aged 18 or above who has learning disabilities. This group gives family carers the opportunity to have their say on the big issues facing families in Islington.

It meets every two months and has regular attendance from senior officers from Islington Council.

Family carers from the group are representatives on local decision making boards for example the Islington Learning Disability Partnership Board, Autism Partnership Board and their sub groups.

Eligibility criteria


  • Islington residents with a learning disability
  • family carers of an adult with a learning disability

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

Directly by telephone

Individuals can self-refer by telephone.
t: 020 7697 1324

Families can contact a trained Supporting Families Worker by telephone.
t: 020 7697 1325 / 1336


Centre 404

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