Children’s Community Nursing Team

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Community Children's Nurses (CCN) are registered children's nurses who provide clinical nursing to the child at home or in school; assisting parents to provide treatment and monitor the child’s progress. They are a source of support, information and advice for families. They may act as lead professional for children with long-term conditions and/or complex needs; requesting and co-ordinating care from local paediatricians or GPs, the multidisciplinary team and at times directly from the tertiary specialists.

Eczema, asthma, viral induced wheeze and constipation nurse-led clinics are run as part of this service in the community. There are also neonatal nurses working in conjunction with UCLH and Whittington Hospital within the team. They provide both clinical nursing, advice and support for babies and their parents/carers within the borough of Islington. 

The service runs seven days a week: 8am-6pm

GP Information 

Community Children's Nurses Fact Sheet (PDF)

Eligibility criteria


Children aged 0-18 who have an Islington GP and a nursing need. This includes, but is not limited to, children who require:

  • enteral feeding support
  • home oxygen administration
  • wound care
  • intravenous medication
  • injectable medication
  • artificial ventilation
  • palliative care
  • oncology care
  • central venous access device care


Children who do not have a nursing need and do not have an Islington GP. The team are unable to assist with administration of oral medication.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Paediatric  > North Central London Community Children's Nurse 

Add as much information as applicable: discharge summaries, clinic letters, feed plan, drug charts, PICC line details, follow-up arrangements and relevant contact details.


or call the team: 

t: 020 3316 1950
Mon-Fri, 9.00am-6pm

t: 07765 243 395
Mon-Fri, 5pm-8pm
Weekends and bank holidays, 8am-6pm