Children's Nursing (Community)

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Facilitates an early discharge from hospital for children and prevent hospital admissions for children with complex or long-term needs. Offer care, advice, teaching and training to any child and family with nursing need:

  • Post-operative care, dressing and wound care, respiratory illnesses, feeding difficulties, skin care needs, intravenous therapy and blood tests
  • Special and complex needs requiring specialist support, such as diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, palliative care, cancer and blood disorders
  • Support and training to the child or young person's wider contact network, such as schools, nurseries, extended family and transport services

Visit by arrangement during working hours 08:00–18:00. Option to visit at home or at school.

Eligibility criteria


  • 0–19 years old with a nursing need
  • Registered with Camden GP

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

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Referral methods: Email

Complete referral form and send by email.