Children's Nursing (Community)

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 02/09/2021. The information shown here may be outdated.

Facilitates an early discharge from hospital for children and prevent hospital admissions for children with complex or long-term needs. Offer care, advice, teaching and training to any child and family with nursing need:

  • post-operative care, dressing and wound care, respiratory illnesses, feeding difficulties, skin care needs, intravenous therapy and blood tests
  • special and complex needs requiring specialist support, such as diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, palliative care, cancer and blood disorders
  • support and training to the child or young person's wider contact network, such as schools, nurseries, extended family and transport services

Visit by arrangement during working hours 8am–6pm. Option to visit at home or at school.

Eligibility criteria


  • 0–19 years old with a nursing need
  • registered with Camden GP

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

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Referral methods: Email

Complete referral form and send by email.