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Whittington Health's Nutrition and Dietetics Service provides effective, evidence-based nutritional assessment, dietary advice and support to patients, their carers and staff involved in their care. The aim of the service is the prevention and/or correction of nutrition-related conditions.

The service provides assessment and advice to help local people understand the impact of diet on their health and wellbeing, helping them live longer, healthier lives. 

A range of conditions are managed including obesity, diabetes and nutrition support, and key public health messages and advice is provided to the wider community.

For the latest service information, referral forms, and patient information leaflets visit




Eligibility criteria


  • Adults presenting with a diet/nutrition-related concern.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

EMIS form

Referral methods: EMIS managed referral

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Nutrition and Dietetics  > Nutrition Dietetics Referral

All referrals should be emailed to the Central Booking Service 


Referral queries

t: 020 3316 1111

Home enteral feeding patients:

Clinic/ONS and general enquiries:


Islington GP registered patients can self-refer by completing an online form on the Whittington Health website.



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