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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 28/10/2021. The information shown here may be outdated.

Covid-19 updates

1 October 2020:  The CNWL Integrated Sexual Health Service continues to prioritise access to advice, information, testing and treatment to vulnerable and hard to reach groups and the organisations that support them during Covid. We continue to perform consultations by telephone where possible, and also offer face-to-face appointments according to need, including long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) procedures. During Covid, clinics are only open at

  • Mortimer Market Centre 
  • Archway Centre
  • Edgware Clinic (within Edgware Community Hospital)

The walk-in service is limited to those with urgent need (e.g. emergency contraception, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)) and for vulnerable patients. 

Access is via the Central Booking Office
t: 020 3317 5252 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)


CNWL provides comprehensive sexual health and contraceptive care across North Central London. GP referral is centralised across all sites. Patients can also self-refer for routine contraception and STI care.

Non-urgent clinical queries can be sent by email to

If urgent advice is needed, phone the consultant on 020 3317 5454.


Complex sexual and reproductive health referral clinics

The complex sexual and reproductive health referral clinics are commissioned to see women with:

  • Complex contraception problems, e.g. complex coexistent medical conditions
  • Difficult IUD and IUS fittings for contraception
  • Suspected malposition of an IUD or IUS being used for contraception, including non-visible IUD/IUS threads for assessment or removal.
  • Deep, broken or bent sub-dermal contraceptive implants for removal or assessment
  • Complications of methods of contraception

A pelvic ultrasound scan can be performed within these clinics, there is no need to seperately arrange this.

Complex genito-urinary medicine referral clinics

The complex genito-urinary medicine referral clinics are commissioned to see the following:

  • recurrent/persistent urethritis
  • recurrrent vaginal infections e.g. BV/Candida
  • relcaitrant HPV
  • recurrent HSV
  • genital dermatoses
  • complicated genital infections e.g. tropical ulcer
  • pregnant women with STIs e.g. Syphilis, HSV

GPs can refer directly to the complex clinics by email (see How to refer, please note: there is no specific referral form).

Eligibility criteria



  • Patients symptomatic of STI/known STI/STI contact
  • Recurrent/persistant urethritis
  • Recurrent vagina linfections e.g. BV/ Candida
  • Genital dermatoses


  • Patients requiring contraception including post-coital IUD
  • Complex contraception problems (e.g. complex coexistent medical conditions)
  • IUD and IUS fittings for contraception
  • Complications of methods of contraception

For a more detailed list of conditions covered please see Downloads


  • IUS for non-contraceptive reasons
  • Routine cervical screening
  • Gynaecological care - see Gynaecology
  • Sterilisation

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs


Referral methods: Email

GPs can refer directly by email, or telephone if urgent
t: 020 3317 5252


Patients can access sexual health check-ups and free postal self-test kits at SHL
Before advising patients, please read eligibility criteria.

Self-referral for routine contraception and STI care by telephoning central booking (number below) or booking an appointment online (click below to book online):

For urgent issues (such as confirmed STI or needing an emergency IUD) patients will be seen urgently and can walk-in to either Archway Centre or Mortimer Market Centre.

Service Feedback

Contact Name

Nancy Padwick, Joint Commissioning Manager, Sexual Health & Reproductive Health (Islington)

Email Address


Phone Number

t: 020 7527 1249


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