DESMOND: Type 2 Diabetes Education

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Service update

Due to Covid-19, the MyDESMOND online service is currently being provided to replace face-to-face sessions.  Primary care clinicians can continue to refer via the usual route.


The DESMOND programme provides education modules for patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The programme offers a whole-day session, including two hours of dietary education. 

DESMOND sessions in Islington are held at:

  • Partnership Primary Care Centre, 331 Camden Rd, London N7 0SL
  • Bingfield Primary Care Centre, 8 Bingfield St, London N1 0AL

Coding Patient Attendance

It is important that GP practices have processes in place to ensure coding of patient structured-education attendance. The table below details how attendance information for each of the available diabetes structured-education courses is communicated to practices and which codes should be used.

Patient cohort: Newly diagnosed

  • Patient attendance reported to practices: Letter per patient sent to GP practice via Docman. Example report/letter practices receive: DESMOND GP letter example.
  • List of patient completers also sent to practice generic email address quarterly 

Attendance coding: 

  • Attended: 9OLF
  • DNA: 9NiA
  • No Response / Declined: 9OLM

Additional report information to code: n/a

Eligibility criteria


  • Registered with an Islington GP
  • Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses

Directly by telephone
Self-referral Patient Leaflet

Self-referral by email or telephone (please provide patient leaflet).

t: 020 3316 1111