District Nursing Islington

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 18/06/2021. The information shown here may be outdated.

Service update: 30 April 2020

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the vast majority of the Whittington District Nursing team's work continues as planned.

  • Some patients are being phone triaged and where clinically safe, are not visited. 
  • They are called every week to keep in touch and establish if their needs remain manageable. 
  • They are given a number to call if they want to speak with the district nursing service before their next call. 
  • If they need to be seen at any point, they are taken back on to the caseload and visited as appropriate.  

Some referrals are still being accepted. Following initial triage, those that are lower priority are contacted by phone and the process above is applied. It is helpful for the team to know a patient’s Covid-19 status – if/when they have tested positive – so that all staff can be alerted to any infection risk. It does not make a difference in terms of referring patients.

Referrals for patients who are temporarily housebound due to shielding, but would not fit the criteria when not shielding, cannot be accepted at present. This is due to reduced capacity. As sickness and absence rates decrease and district nursing staff come back into work this situation may change, please contact your local team. 

Community phlebotomy is part of the district nursing service.  At present there is the capacity to accept phlebotomy referrals for temporarily housebound patients. This situation may change, please contact your local team.


Referrals for district nursing should be sent at least 48 hours before the patient’s first visit is required. If your patient needs to be seen sooner, call the messaging service on 020 7288 3555, otherwise see How to Refer section, below

For patient eligibility, scroll down.

District nursing in Islington is carried out by four teams: Central, North, South East and South West. See Location section, below, for lists of the practices covered by the teams.

Islington Central district nursing team contacts (PDF)

Team Manager Joanna Motamedi (t: 020 3316 8511/m: 07789 983 438/e: joanna.motamedi@nhs.net)

Community Matron Jelena Miholjac (t: 020 3316 5610/m: 07741 103 716/e: jelena.miholjac@nhs.net)

Islington North district nursing team contacts (PDF)

Team Manager Sandra Ansah (t: 0203 316 8665/m: 07825 118 738/e:Sandra.ansah@nhs.net)

Community Matron Tafadzwa Musendo (t: 0203 316 8691/m:07880 796 240/e: tafadzwamusendo@nhs.net)

Islington South East district nursing team contacts (PDF)

Team Manager Olayemi Akogun (t: 0203 316 8370/m: 0782 584 2452/e: Olayemi.akogun@nhs.net)

Community Matron Fabien Teissier (m: 07765 243 364/e: fabien.teissier@nhs.net)

Islington South West district nursing team contacts (PDF)

Team Manager Edomwonyi Matthew (t: 0203 316 8592/m: 07944 125 190/e: edomwonyi.matthew@nhs.net)

Community Matron Lorna Thomson (t: 0203 316 8590/m: 07917 592 084/e: lorna.thomson10@nhs.net)

District nursing care services include, but are not limited to:

  • assessment and ordering of equipment to enable care in the home
  • bladder and continence assessment
  • blood tests
  • bowel care
  • catheter care including recatherisation
  • chemotherapy management
  • complex wound assessment and management
  • continuing care assessments
  • controlled drug administration
  • end of life care
  • healthy living advice
  • IV antibiotics
  • leg ulcer clinics
  • long-term condition management
  • lymphoedema management
  • medication management
  • mental capacity assessments
  • nutritional advice
  • PEG care
  • pleurex drainage
  • pressure area care
  • pressure ulcer management
  • self-management support
  • support for carers and family
  • symptom control
  • vacuum pump dressings
  • vitamin B12 injections
  • wound care: ambulatory catheter clinics.

Eligibility criteria


  • Haringey or Islington residents aged 16+
  • and housebound (unable to receive care outside of their place of residence)

District nursing also provides support to patients and their carers to take responsibility for managing their own care, which helps to reduce unplanned admissions to hospital.


  • Haringey or Islington residents under 16 years of age
  • Any resident able to travel to receive care.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service:

EMIS form

Referral methods: EMIS managed referral

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Community nursing services  > District Nursing services referral form

e: arti.centralbooking@nhs.net 

OR you can call
t: 020 3316 1600 or 020 3316 1111

Out of Hours call the District Nurse Message Taking Service
t: 020 7288 3555 (24 hours)

Please note:

  • GPs are required to provide a copy of the EMIS summary
  • Referrals for the administration of medication should be clear and include the name of the drug, the dose, the dosing time and the length of treatment.
  • The medication record needs to be signed and dated by the prescribing doctor.


Islington Central district nursing team

Central practices: Goodinge Group Practice; Highbury Grange Medical; The Junction Surgery; Dr. Ko’s Surgery; The Medical Centre; Mildmay Medical Practice; Partnerships Primary Centre; Roman Way Medical Practice; Sobell Medical Centre

Islington North district nursing team

North practices: Andover Medical Centre; Archway Medical Centre; Beaumont Practice; Hanley Primary Care Centre; Northern Medical Centre; The Rise Group Practice; St John’s Way Medical Centre; Stroud Green Medical Clinic; The Village Practice

Islington South East district nursing team

South East practices: Elizabeth Avenue Group Practice; The Family Practice; Islington Central Medical Practice; The Miller Practice; Mitchison Road Surgery; New North Health Centre; River Place Health Centre; St Peter’s Street Medical Practice

Islington South West district nursing team

South West practices: Amwell Group Practice; Barnsbury Medical Practice; City Road Medical Centre; Clerkenwell Medical Practice; Killick Street Health Centre; Pine Street Medical Practice; Ritchie Street Group Practice