Emergency Ophthalmology: Moorfields

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Emergency treatment for urgent sight-threatening conditions.

GPs are encouraged to send patients to the closest available emergency eye clinic.

Find the closest emergency eye unit using the interactive eye-casualty services map.

Virtual emergency triage

The service can provide emergency triage consultations on the Attend Anywhere platform for cases that GPs feel unable to manage. Please note: patients are pre-screened to check that they are within the Moorfields area. The eye-casualty services map, above, will direct you to the closest unit. Please advise patients that this is a triage tool, not an examination tool, as many expect that they will be examined virtually. This is not yet possible.

Video consultations: patient information on virtual triage

Eligibility criteria


  • Patients with urgent, sight-threatening problems, such as:
    • penetrating eyeinjury
    • chemical/thermal burns to eye
    • giant cell arteritis with loss of vision
    • flashes & floaters of recent onset
    • sudden loss of vision
    • retinal detachment
    • contact lens ulcers 
    • acute cranial nerve paresis
    • corneal abrasions
    • corneal foreign bodies
    • symptoms of acute angle closure glaucoma
    • optometry referrals for pressures >30mmHg 


  • Patients with non-urgent problems (dry eyes, itchy eyes, hay fever, cataracts)
  • Moorfields carries out active triage: if not urgent a patient may be triaged away from A&E

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs

Directly by telephone

Call A&E Direct in first instance (consultant of the day)

t: 020 7521 4682

Telephone A&E Consultant of the day before sending patient. 

Specialist Ophthalmic A&E Dept: send patient with GP letter if patient accepted.

Most general emergency departments can manage most simple eye conditions: abrasions etc.

Referrals MUST be called through to consultant of the day.

Include accepting doctors name on referral.

If the patient is already under another unit, send patient to that unit.

A&E is unable to offer second opinion requests.

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