Family Support

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by Saturday, 23 April 2022. The information shown here may be outdated.

There is now a single point of access into the existing family support teams in Haringey; Family support, Families First and Family intervention project.  Referral forms will be fed into weekly allocation meetings at which the existing services will decide which team is best placed to work with the case.  The separate family support teams will continue offering and applying their team specific interventions and methodologies.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses

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Referral methods: Email

This form should be used when services require family support.  Once complete, this form should be e-mailed to If you are attaching any other forms / relevant information or forms, please state this in the other relevant information section and attach to the referral e-mail.

If you are unsure about any part of the referral process, including how to fill out the form, please contact