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Tackle the harm caused by alcohol by supporting people to cut back their drinking, reducing risk and raising awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking. They provide specialist support in four key areas:

  • Individuals who have been identified as Higher Risk and High Risk/possibly dependent on the AUDIT test, or are alcohol dependent
  • Individuals who are affected by someone else’s alcohol or drug use
  • Victims or survivors of substance related domestic abuse
  • Those who need ongoing support to maintain their recovery from alcohol or drug misuse

HAGA Alcohol Primary Care HubsThe hubs are open to Haringey resident patients from any local GP practice. In the appointments, patients can access:

  • Assessment for entry into alcohol treatment
  • Brief Advice
  • Extended Brief Interventions (EBI). These are 20-40 minute motivational interviewing sessions.

Rutland House, 40 Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill N10 1DU
Tuesdays 1:00pm/2:00pm/3:00pm/4:00pm

Queenswood Medical Practice, 151 Park Road, N8 8JD
Wednesdays 5:00pm/ 6:00pm/ 7:00pm

Lawrence House Surgery, 107 Philip Lane, Tottenham, N15 4JR
Thursdays 1:30pm/ 2:30pm/ 3:30pm/ 4:30pm

Muswell Hill Practice, 1 Dukes Avenue, Muswell Hill, N10 2PS
Fridays 4:00pm/ 5:00pm/ 6:00pm

If you have any further queries, please contact:

It is good practice always to encourage patients to test themselves via Haringey’s alcohol screening, advice and referral website www.dontbottleitup.org.uk (which also provides information about the hub clinics and access into alcohol treatment).

Eligibility criteria


Please note, patients will need to be registered with a Haringey GP before they can access Haringey-delivered alcohol treatment prescriptions.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses