Healthy Minds Community Programme

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The Healthy Minds Community Programme is a Mind in Camden Project aimed at supporting adults who may be struggling with their mental health, feeling isolated or disconnected from their community, or would like some additional support in finding out what their local area has to offer them.

The Programme has partnered with a range of different community providers to offer our participants free access to workshops, courses and group activities, to support people living in Camden to improve their wellbeing.

We offer 1:1 and group sessions with trained Navigators to help people identify their interests, uncover passions, support their physical fitness and to plan and pursue their goals. Members can also participate in a self-development group, which aims to develop a greater awareness of how participants relate to one another. 

Once registered with the Healthy Minds Community Programme, participants will be able to access our offers for 12 months. For those who are interested in furthering their education or skills, Healthy Minds can provide financial support for courses at The Mary Ward Adult Education Centre.

Eligibility criteria


  • Camden residents over the age of 18 or those with a registered GP in Camden

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses


Referral methods: Email



Self-refer or refer on someone’s behalf by phone or email or by using the online self-referral form.

t: 020 7241 8996