Healthy Start Vitamins and Vitamin D

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by 13/11/2021. The information shown here may be outdated.

Please treat vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency in line with the Quick Ref Guide.

Healthy Start vitamins, which include vitamin D, are available free for eligible groups.

Download the Healthy Start Staff Update (on the right) for a list of centres that the Healthy Start vitamins can be collected from and the summary table for prescribed doses.

Please also see Downloads section for the Camden & Islington Public Health Consensus Statement on Healthy Start vitamins including vitamin D. 


Eligibility criteria


Healthy Start are available, free, through the universal scheme to Camden residents who are:

  • pregnant
  • new mothers
  • children under 4 years old

How to refer

Self-referral Patient Leaflet

Free through the universal scheme; no prescription needed. Healthy Start vitamins can be collected from a list of centres in Camden.

Families who may be eligible for the national Healthy Start scheme should be encouraged to apply for the scheme so they can receive food vouchers and other benefits.