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Covid-19 Service Update: July 2020

Diagnostic services were suspended for the initial months of the Covid-19 outbreak. Assessments have now resumed via video, or face-to-face where clinically indicated. There is a considerable back-log of new assessments and there may be a delay for up to three months for patients to be seen. All referrals are screened by the lead consultant for risk and urgency and patients will be seen accordingly. 

If you are concerned about your patients please indicate this clearly on your referral letter. Further delays to diagnosis are due to suspension of scanning departments.

Post-diagnostic services have been partially suspended; telephone contact has been maintained with all patients or their families during the height of the pandemic. All group activity has been suspended. Reviews are carried out via telephone or video where possible and nurses are visiting patients face to face again. 

The psychology offer for carers has been increased, due to increased anxiety and isolation due to Covid-19.  


This is a specialist service for Islington residents living with dementia and their carers.

The service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people experiencing symptoms associated with dementia. Those diagnosed with dementia will remain under the service for the duration of their journey and receive post-diagnostic support on a regular basis. This includes evidence-based interventions, advice and signposting.

In April 2019, the existing memory service fully merged with the Dementia Navigator Team and was renamed the Islington Memory and Dementia Navigator Service. 

Every patient with a dementia diagnosis will have an allocated worker and patients may be seen by different members of the multi-disciplinary team (nurses, navigator, psychologist or psychiatrist) based on their needs. The service has been aligned with the Primary Care Networks.

Eligibility criteria


  • Islington residents 
    • over 65 (under 65s only if they have severe and enduring mental health problems and/or alcohol/ drug misuse)
    • with a formal diagnosis of dementia who live at home (both over and under 65)


  • care home residents are seen by the Trust’s Care Home Liaison Service.
  • under 65s with no history of alcohol/drug misuse or severe an enduring mental illness should be referred to the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at Queens Square.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs


Referral methods: Email

Referral letter sent via email or post

Please include details of:

  • recent blood results
  • description of symptoms associated with dementia
  • relevant mental and physical health history
  • any recent brain scans (CT or MRI)
  • let the team know if the patient has been referred to (or is under the care of) Neurology