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Mobilise is a digital support service for unpaid carers that will be in place until October 2021, in the first instance. The overarching aim of the partnership is to increase levels of engagement with and support for carers who are not currently active in conventional support services, through the use of engaging digital content and tools.

Particular focus will be placed on tools and content that attracts carers from demographic groups typically underrepresented through conventional contact support, such as Young Adult Carers, BAME groups and working-age carers.

Eligibility criteria


Unpaid carers (including those on carers allowance)

  • aged 18+
  • caring for a family member or friend with physical or mental health issues.


  • aged <18
  • persons under care

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, other healthcare professionals


Visit the Mobilise website and register for the online carers course or e-support. Carers can book 1-2-1 support calls.


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