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One You Haringey has been commissioned by Haringey Council to provide an integrated lifestyle programme. This is the new Integrated Wellness service. The service supports adult residents to:

  • Manage their weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink moderately
  • Be more physically active
  • Have a health check up

Haringey’s New Integrated Wellness service

Public Health are bringing together health improvement services into an integrated wellness service from April 2016. The service will provide very similar services to current health improvement offer but at reduced capacity.  

Why is this happening?

Haringey Council has to save £70 million over the next three years (in addition to the £117m saved since 2010). This represents around a quarter of the Council’s 2015/16 budget. In response to this Public Health have brought together previously separately  commissioned contracts into an integrated  service – the ‘wellness’ service.

What is the evidence supporting this change?

Recent  evidence suggests that there may be gains in addressing multiple risk factors together, either simultaneously or sequentially (Buck and Frosine, 2011; Mitchie et al 2009). A smoke free, physically active lifestyle with better diet and moderate alcohol use are key to healthier and longer lives but it is important to recognise the social context in which poor health, risk factors and health behaviours take place (Department of Health (2014) Living Well For Longer: National Support for Local Action to Reduce Premature Avoidable Mortality). 

How will it impact  primary care?

  • NHS Health Checks. We need to reduce the number of health checks  commissioned from GPs but how this is done is open for discussion.  (e.g. risk stratification for CVD rather than on geography,  smokers etc.)
  • Smoking cessation. This will be targeted to those in whom prevalence is highest - mental health service users and ‘routine and manual’ workers, which includes workers previously known as ‘blue collar workers’.  The Service will be delivered by the new ‘wellness service’  in community and primary care hubs across the borough.  The proposal is that there is no direct commissioning of GPs, but this is still open for discussion.  From 1 April 2016 Public Health will no longer fund the CCG for NRT outside of the new wellness service contract.  Patients will be able to receive  NRT if they are attending Level 2 Stop Smoking Training being delivered by the new ‘Wellness Service’.  Evidence shows that Smoking Cessation is more successful with a combination of NRT and support.
  • Stroke and cardiac rehabilitation. There will be a reduction in activity. The intention is to maintain provision but at a reduced capacity, while reshaping the cardiac and stroke rehabilitation pathways (Fusion contract)
  • Exercise on Referral. Reduction in activity (Fusion Contract).  Exact numbers to be agreed

How do you send your views about the changes to Public Health?

Public Health welcome your views and will be soon publish a survey in the Weekly News, to ask for your feedback.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs