Paediatric Primary Care

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23 June 2020: service update

The Paediatric Primary Care Team will now be running daily video/telephone consultations in a mixture of morning and afternoon clinic sessions. Please continue to book via iHub, searching for Paediatric Primary Care.

All inclusion and exclusion criteria for this service remain effective, so please continue to refer patients for eczema, constipation (age 3+ months), and asthma or viral induced wheeze (VIW) (age 18+ months). The service is continuing to undertake paediatric 48hr asthma and VIW reviews.

For further information, contact Zalika Begum or Natasha Brennan
t: 020 3316 1950


The Paediatric Primary Care (PPC) service is commissioned by the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group to provide a specialist nursing service for patients registered to any Islington GP practice from the ages of birth and up to 18 years of age. The team of highly skilled nurses have had specific training in history taking, head to toe physical examinations, asthma management and investigative procedures. EMIS Enterprise is used to document onsultations and anyone who has access to EMIS Web or Enterprise can have access to them.

The team can support with clinical diagnosis or provide ongoing management for already diagnosed patients. The conditions managed include:

  • wheeze
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • constipation.

The team was set up following the launch of the government strategy Facing the Future (DoH 2015), this document sets standards for improving the outcomes for children with long term conditions, with one of its key aims to better deliver connected care in the community bridging the gap between primary and secondary care provisions. One of the focal points within Facing the Future strongly emphasised the link between paediatric specialist nursing and their presence at GP practices.

The service facilitates 12 clinics per week at either GP premises or health centres:

  1. Amwell Group Practice

  2. Bingfield Health Centre

  3. Northern Health Centre

  4. St Johns Way Medical Centre

  5. Ritchie Street Group Practice

  6. Goodinge Health Centre

  7. Elizabeth Avenue Group Practice

  8. Islington Centre Medical Centre

  9. River Place Health Centre

  10. Killick Street Health Centre

  11. The Village Group Practice

  12. City Road Medical Centre    


Some of the team are independent and supplementary prescribers and others require the assistance of a prescription request. Any prescription requests will be sent to the GP along with details of why the medication is clinically indicated. It will remain the responsibility of the patient’s GP to update the patient's electronic records. If the GP is not in agreement with the prescription request from the nurse, the GP will contact the nurse via telephone or email to discuss the request and agree a way forward for the patient.

48-hour telephone triage

View 48 Hour Paediatric Asthma Review Telephone Triage Pathway (PDF)

A recent expansion to the paediatric primary care service involved delivering the 48-hour review via a telephone triage system to assess control and optimise management accordingly. A RAG rating tool has been developed to direct the patient to the most appropriate place of care (back to emergency department/same day GP or none of the above if well). Following this triage if the patient is not under secondary or tertiary care they will be offered a review with our team at the next available clinic appointment our aim is to offer this within four weeks. Post hospital attendance/admission wheeze/asthma reviews are an important opportunity to assess control and optimise management accordingly.

Eligibility criteria


  • Children and young people from 3 months-18 years with diagnosis of eczema or constipation
  • Children and young people aged 18 months to 18 years with diagnosis of wheeze, asthma
  • Asthma annual reviews within GP practices
  • Supporting diagnosis depending on nurses’ clinical experience  
  • PPC will support GPs in making an asthma diagnosis but will not code this as GPs must agree with diagnosis
  • All patients must be registered with an Islington GP
  • The service accepts referrals directly from any Islington GP, practice nurses, Whittington and UCLH Hospitals, the Asthma Friendly School Project and health visitors.       



  • Children <18 months old with viral induced wheeze (VIW) and/or asthma
  • Children <3 months for eczema or constipation
  • Acutely unwell children
  • Children holding an emergency card for a particular condition

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses, health visitors

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals

  • Book directly into the PPCN’s clinic on the EMIS system, via ‘find cross organisational slot’ 
  • Enter child’s details
  • Under ‘organisation’ select ‘Islington GP Federation'
  • You will then see all available clinic slots of ‘paediatric primary care’


Children's Community Nursing Service (Islington)