Sexual & Reproductive Health Service (CNWL)

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Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS foundation trust is commissioned by Local Authorities to provide routine and complex sexual health care.

This does not include gynaecological care, routine cervical screening or IUS for non-contraception reasons.

1. Routine contraception and STI care

Patients can book an appointment by calling 020 3317 5252

2. Post-coital IUDs

Where a patient is eligible for and accepts a PC IUD which cannot be accommodated in General Practice, please phone 020 3317 5252 to arrange fitting in a CNWL clinic

3.Complex contraception (SRH) or GUM

Requires referral from a health care professional via


The complex SRH referral clinics are commissioned to see women with:

complex contraception problems, e.g. complex coexistent medical conditions

difficult IUD and IUS fittings for contraception

suspected malposition of an IUD or IUS being used for contraception, including non-visible IUD/IUS threads for assessment or removal

deep, broken or bent sub-dermal contraceptive implants for removal or assessment

complications of methods of contraception

The complex GUM referral clinics are commissioned to see

Recurrent vaginal infections eg BV/Candida

Recalcitrant HPV

Recurrent HSV

Genital dermatoses

Complicated genital infections e.g. tropical ulcer

Pregnant women with STIs e.g. syphilis, HSV

For more information, please contact:

4. Psychosexual Therapy

Central North West London Psychosexual Service

The way patients can access psychosexual services has changed during the Covid pandemic.

Patients are now required to telephone CNWL NHS Foundation Trust’s Central Booking Office on 0203 317 5252 to make an appointment for a telephone consultation to be assessed.

For more information on the services above please see the Central and North West London (CNWL) website.