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People with experience of multiple disadvantage typically struggle to access support and their engagement in support can be sporadic. This means that their mental and physical health, social and economic wellbeing, offending, substance misuse and homelessness issues remain unresolved.

By working in a joined up, flexible and person-centred way, the Single Homeless Project (SHP) is able to make significant progress in tackling many of these unmet needs, building a relationship of mutual respect and trust with clients and supporting them to participate more fully in the wider community.

SHP provides:

  • Practical housing-related support to help people manage their accommodation and sustain their tenancies. Tenancy sustainment work can range from practical help with money management, debt or rent arrears, to intensive support with complex problems such as hoarding.
  • Empowerment for people to take more control of their lives, equipping them with vital skills and building on their personal strengths to stop problems from reoccurring or escalating.

Underlying needs

People who are having problems managing their accommodation may also be struggling with a range of underlying needs including:

  • Mental health problems
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Physical disability and poor health
  • Debt and rent arrears
  • Domestic violence
  • Hoarding
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Offending
  • Out of work
  • Family breakdown

To help tackle these underlying causes, SHP services assist with everything from registering with GPs and attending hospital appointments to accessing education, training and employment, and include specialist support for particularly vulnerable groups or for people who are going through a difficult transition in their lives.

For example, in Islington the Hospital Discharge Service supports people who are leaving hospital to maintain their tenancies at a time when they may be vulnerable and at risk of homelessness.

Eligibility criteria


To be eligible for SHP floating support services, clients must:

  • have a local connection to the borough
  • be in need of ongoing support to enable them to sustain more independent living.

SHP community support services generally have an open referral system, so people can refer themselves, and there is no restriction on the agencies who can refer clients to us. Some specialist services (such as services for young people or offenders) have designated referral paths.

How to refer


You can access Floating Support services via phone or email.

t: 020 4509 8469


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