SunQuest Whittington Hospital

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Upcoming Review — this page is due to be reviewed by 30/09/2021. The information shown here may be outdated.

SunQuest ICE is an online test request order system linked through EMIS Web. It is configured with a common NCL-wide test catalogue.

  • In Islington and Haringey, you should make pathology requests with Whittington Hospital via SunQuest ICE.
  • Pathology orders made through SunQuest ICE are sent electronically to the laboratory, which reduces manual data entry to improve patient safety.
  • Review is a results look-up system linked to SunQuest ICE which allows GPs to view patients' results from GP and hospital visits.

If you require any help accessing this pathology ordering system, contact your relevant GP IT support in the first instant.

You can also contact the laboratory IT Helpdesk and state which GP practice you are from and who is logged into EMIS Web.

For more information on how to use SunQuest ICE, see the SunQuest ICE and EMIS Web User Guide, from Whittington Health (see downloads).