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As patients recover from cardiovascular problems, be that a heart attack, cardiac surgery, angioplasty or a new presentation with heart failure we offer one of two rehabilitation programmes designed to help patients return to normal and improved levels of activity, as well as encouraging lifestyle changes which improve long term well-being. The rehabilitation also offers a safe forum in which uncertainties can be discussed and questions answered. Rehabilitation begins in hospital but we have designed the later phases of our programmes to be based in the communities in which the patients live. Hence phase three of each programme are both based off the main hospital site

Patients are carefully assessed prior to commencing the programme and if neither of the programmes are suitable home exercise can be advised. Also, on completion of this phase of rehabilitation all patients are referred to local programmes of exercise, who offer continued access to gym or exercise classes, which we hope will be life-long, and which may encourage other family members to exercise. 

Our programmes ensure we deliver the Seven Core Components of cardiac rehabilitation:

  • Health Behaviour Change and Education
  • Lifestyle Risk factor Management
  • Psychological Health
  • Medical Risk factor management
  • Cardioprotective therapies
  • Long-term management
  • Audit and evaluation

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, Nurses

Directly by telephone
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Referral methods: Email