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YCSMAS is a holistic health service integrating two specialist teams:

  • TYS Youth Counselling Service
  • IYPDAS (Islington Young People Drug and Alcohol Service)

This service has been created in response to the growing number of young people referred for counselling and/or substance misuse support with comorbid presentations.

TYS/SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health) Youth Counselling Service

Offers 6-8 weekly counselling sessions (extended up to 12 sessions for complex needs) of integrative talking therapy for young people who live, or study in Islington. Trauma informed, creative and solution focused ways of working are implemented alongside talking therapy if helpful for the young person.

All referrals for this service come through the SEMH referral pathway via the Childrens Services Contact Team.

IYPDAS (Islington Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Service)

Offer group work and one-to-one targeted support and treatment to young people affected by drug and alcohol issues. This service can also provide peer professional support, training and consultation to partner agencies engaged with young people in need. 

Both services are free and confidential.

Eligibility criteria


TYS/SEMH counselling:

  • aged 10-18yrs who live or study in Islington or are registered with an Islingtion GP


  • aged 12-21yrs who live or study in Islington or are registered with an Islingtion GP

YCSMAS also accept referrals for young people with learning needs up to the age of 25 years.

How to refer

The following clinicians can refer to this service: GPs, other healthcare professionals, parents


Referrals to IYPDAS

t: 0207 527 5099

Referrals to TYS/SEMH Counselling

t: 0207 527 7400



Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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