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Update on 9 February 2021

Since recruitment to the SUMMIT Study began in April 2019, twice the number of cancers than expected have been detected. Most have been successfully treated. The study end points have been reached faster than expected. For this reason, new recruitment into the SUMMIT Study will stop at the end of April 2021. All existing recruited participants, over 12,000, will remain in the study. 

Due to Covid-19, the study was paused for a second time at the beginning of January. Clinically indicated follow-up appointments have now resumed. The team is working to reschedule cancelled first-time appointments for the many people who were put on hold and they will be seen as soon as the pandemic situation allows. The aim is to add as many people as possible from this group into the study cohort by the end of April. 

Participating GP practices are being informed directly.


UCLH is carrying out the SUMMIT Study to detect lung cancer early using low-dose CT (LDCT) screening of at-risk individuals and to support development of a new blood test for early detection of multiple cancer types. 

The SUMMIT Study, which began in spring 2019, has two aims: to detect lung cancer early using the proven method of low-dose CT (LDCT) screening of at-risk individuals; and to support development of a new blood test for early detection of multiple cancer types, including lung cancer. In addition, the study will provide evidence to inform a potential future national lung cancer screening programme. The study has so far recruited over 12,000 people aged 55-77 with a smoking history from north and east London. 


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