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Covid-19 updates

In an update for GPs, the NCL safeguarding team has highlighted the need to be extra vigilant at a time when vulnerable adults and children may be isolated and not visible to professionals. Please continue to refer any safeguarding concerns to your local children and adult social care/domestic violence and abuse agencies, and consult your local safeguarding team for advice as required.

For the latest updates during the Covid pandemic, always check the NCL Covid-19 GP website.

The Royal College of General Practitioners has issued advice on Covid-19 and safeguarding.

Women's Aid has published a Covid-19 resources page of joint-sector resources for survivors of domestic violence and the community, available in 15 different languages, and British Sign Language.

See information on categories of abuse and neglect.

See information on mental capacity.

Area specific guidance for Camden

For advice on Adult Safeguarding and Prevent, contact:

Tools, training and resources

Area specific guidance for Barnet

Adult protection contacts list

Procedures and guidance


RISE service for perpetrators of domestic abuse and young perpetrators

Barnet Council has commissioned Rise, which is an offshoot of London Probation, to provide services for perpetrators of domestic abuse. The organisation provides intensive group work and has a specialist programme for young people who are violent to parents. 

These programmes are more suitable than anger management for men who have been violent or controlling towards partners.  

Rise accepts GP referrals or self-referrals.  

NHSE Safeguarding app

The app is available for Apple iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play), but also available on the web: Safeguarding adults

Adult safeguarding videos


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Dr Dee Hora, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Named GP for Safeguarding Adults: Camden and Islington

Dr Dee Hora

Sarah Phillip, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Designated Professional for Safeguarding Adults: Camden

Sarah Phillip

Dr Lionel Sherman, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Named GP for Adult Safeguarding: Haringey

Dr Lionel Sherman

Heather Wilson, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Safeguarding Adult Lead

Heather Wilson

Dr Raju Raithatha, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Safeguarding Leads Designated Doctor

Dr Raju Raithatha

Maria Daly, clinical lead for Adult Safeguarding

Senior Safeguarding Administrator

Maria Daly


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Last updated: Mar 10th, 2021
Review date: Jun 28th, 2021