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For the latest Covid-19 related news on cancer referrals and treatment see the cancer section on the NCL Covid-19 GP website. The information is not repeated on this website.

  • Visit the Imaging topic page, for details of the single suspected cancer imaging referral form now in use across all NCL providers.
  • For information on 2WW referrals, see Suspected Cancer Two-week Referrals (2WW).
    • If there are issues getting an appointment within two weeks, please use the QAS form to alert NCL CCG.
  • Direct referral for urgent diagnostics is available rather than a 2WW.  
  • Visit the Screening topic page for detailed information on cancer screening.
  • Visit the Cancer Education pages for learning resources.
  • See downloads for Myeloma and MGUS, A Guide for GPs

Local initiatives

CRUK facilitators and GP hub

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) facilitators are working in NCL to support primary care networks (PCNs) to improve cancer outcomes for their patients and help fulfil their early diagnosis and DES requirements. CRUK facilitators can support your network with Quality Improvement activities on prevention, early diagnosis and screening. To invite your CRUK Facilitator along to your PCN meeting to hear more about what we can provide and how we can support you, please email or Bethany Shaw directly on

The CRUK GP Contract Hub is also now updated with 2021/22 cancer guidance.

Cancer patient resources

Visit the Cancer patient resources page for resources you can add to your practice websites.


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Clinical Updates

BMJ e-learning: Myeloma practical tips for primary care

A practical guide for GPs to help in the detection and diagnosis of myeloma and monoclonal gammopathies
Sep 20th, 2021
Commissioning News

NCL early cancer diagnosis: DES/QOF resource pack/PCN cancer dashboards available

NCL Wide Message for practices, from the NCL Cancer Team
Aug 31st, 2021
Practice Manager News

Cancer awareness campaign posters available

NCL Wide NCL Cancer Alliance is arranging for campaign posters to be sent to all GP practices
Aug 3rd, 2021
Clinical Updates

Suspension of the SUMMIT Study Announced

Islington A further update will be provided when SUMMIT lung cancer screening activity resumes
Jan 12th, 2021
Service Updates

Digital Support Group for Bowel Cancer Patients

Islington Refer your patients today
Jan 7th, 2021

New digital support group for bowel cancer patients

NCL Wide Chat programme hosted by Bowel Cancer UK, for patients to share experiences in a safe, supportive and informal environment
Jan 7th, 2021
Commissioning News

Move4You service: Addressing the health inequalities gap

Islington Practices asked to help the service focus on inequalities
Dec 17th, 2020
Events & Training

NCL GP webinar slides: Move4You cancer service

NCL Wide Slides from Thursday 17 December’s NCL GP webinar presentation on the Move4You - NCL Cancer Physical Activity Rehabilitation Service
Dec 17th, 2020
Commissioning News

New Rapid Diagnostic Centres to Launch Across NCL

Islington For patients who do not fit the referral criteria for a specific 2WW pathway
Dec 9th, 2020
Practice Manager News

Macmillan Poetry/Storytelling Project for Cancer Patients

Islington Please disseminate to patients and PPGs
Dec 9th, 2020
Commissioning News

YouScreen HPV Self-sampling Study Begins

Islington Six NCL practices are involved at the start
Dec 8th, 2020
Commissioning News

Reminder: Move4You Cancer Rehab is Open for Referral or Self-Referral

Islington The service is funded to March 2021, maximise your use of it
Dec 3rd, 2020
Commissioning News

National Cancer Diagnosis Audit: Results Published

Islington How to access your practice report
Dec 2nd, 2020
Commissioning News

NCL Urgent Direct Access Imaging Referral Form Updated

Islington A new version (V2) of the form will be available on EMIS from 7 December.
Dec 2nd, 2020
Commissioning News

Royal Free Update: Booking 2WW Appointments on e-RS

Islington Please ensure you confirm the appointment details with your patients
Dec 2nd, 2020
Clinical Updates

Breast Screening Update: Self-referrals for Women Over 71

Islington Services will provide appointments to self-referring women in line with previous technical guidance
Dec 2nd, 2020
Service Updates

Breast Screening Recovery Programme

Islington Self referral of over-70s temporarily paused
Nov 4th, 2020
Commissioning News

Move4You Cancer Exercise Prehabilitation/Rehabilitation Service

Islington Supporting people of all abilities to engage with a variety of activities to help them move more during and after treatment.
Oct 28th, 2020
Practice Manager News

Campaign: General Practice is Open, Get Checked for Cancer

Islington Each week, a different video will be promoted
Oct 21st, 2020
Service Updates

Direct Access Imaging for Suspected Cancer Uses Single NCL Referral Form

Islington Request direct-access investigations for suspected cancer at any of four NCL provider trusts using one form
Oct 7th, 2020
Service Updates

Suspected Urological Cancer: Referral Guidance Issued

Islington The Transforming Cancer Services Team for London has issued guidance
Oct 7th, 2020
Service Updates

Cervical Screening Affected by Temporary Reagent Shortage

Islington Please continue to take samples as normal
Sep 29th, 2020

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