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Dr Oliver Anglin is pleased to announce that the Integrated Paediatric Service (IPS) will be rolled out across Camden following the success of the IPS pilot. Triage is gradually being switched on – your practice will be contacted when it is your turn. If you have any queries about this please email Oliver Anglin or Nnamdi Nwanze.

When considering the child, it is important to think of their health within the context of their family and their wider social circumstances. Over the last few years, we have been working with the local authority, schools, mental health, primary and secondary care and community health services and the voluntary sector to provide integrated services.

Advice and guidance is available and encouraged.


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Dr Oliver Anglin, clinical lead for Children, Young People & Family

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Dr Oliver Anglin

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Last updated: Feb 3rd, 2020
Review date: Jan 31st, 2021