If neccessary, clinicians should use the Health Care Professionals (HCP) line to call for an ambulance (unless the patient is in cardiac arrest). For details, see the How to call an ambulance page.

Area specific guidance for Camden

The population of Camden has a higher falls incidence than the national average, so the CCG and its partners have developed a falls pathway for patients both at risk of falls, and those who have already fallen. There are a number of different services available both in the community and in the hospitals for those patients with falls, and this section attempts to clarify these and suggest when to refer patients, as well as raising the awareness of services for practitioners.

The FRAT score is a validated tool to identify those at risk of falls and its use is encouraged when determining which patients should be referred to services – please see the pathway below.

Some of the patients will be labelled as having had accidental falls with no further action being taken and it is these low-risk cases that are unlikely to receive any intervention and should be signposted to: ‘Supporting Health and Independence Package’. This package is a ‘menu of options’ for providers (basically signposting and information). Downloadable documents on the right.

If the cause of the fall is not clear, please consider referral to the diagnostic clinics in hospital. (See Falls Diagnostics Clinic service listed below)

If the cause of the fall is clear, patients can be referred to a therapist-led programme of exercises to reduce further risk – either in their own home, at the ambulant clinic, or at the Staying Steady group in St Pancras hospital. Less frail patients can be referred to the exercise on referral scheme. (See Falls Prevention Service for Ambulant Patients service listed below)

Other Relevant Services

Area specific guidance for Islington

This page is under development for Islington services. Please bear with us while we populate the list of services.

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