Under the Homelessness Reduction Act (2017), specified public bodies have a duty to refer at-risk households to a local authority housing team. This means a person’s housing situation must be considered whenever they come into contact with a wider public service, such as a hospital or GP practice. 

Useful resources

  • Streetlink enables anyone to raise concern around someone sleeping rough. If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough the quickest way to ensure that support reaches them is to refer them using its website.
  • Groundswell has supported homeless people to be involved in delivering solutions to homelessness since 1996: including peer research, client involvement and tackling the health inequalities associated with the experience of homelessness. The service also supports homeless people to address their health needs.
  • Streetvet is a multi-award winning Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons registered practice delivering free care to the homeless and their pets on the streets of London.
  • Dogs on the Streets is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community.
  • The Pavement is a booklet which comes out every two months and has details of shelters, foodbanks, and health services for homeless people. It's useful for signposting and small enough to fit in a person's pocket. Practices can order copies by emailing london@thepavement.org.uk.

Area specific guidance for Islington

London Borough of Islington’s priority is to help people avoid becoming homeless. The council housing team can do this by negotiating with the people your patients live with or their landlord, giving advice, or by helping them to find another home quickly. 

To refer someone to Islington Council for support with housing, call 020 7527 6371 or email advice.housing@islington.gov.uk 

London Borough of Islington Homelessness website

Area specific guidance for Camden

Some services target specific groups (for example, women, young people, those with mental-health issues), while, for others, the only referral criterion is that patients are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Camden Homeless Health and Care Network was established in autumn 2017. The network is looking into a range of issues for homeless and vulnerable people across Camden including the current healthcare provision and the impact of NRPF (no recourse to public funds). Dr Jasmin Malik chairs the meetings and will keep Camden practices informed of updates.

Camden Foodbank offers food vouchers for homeless patients. To order vouchers, e: admin@rccgcitychurch.org or call 020 7387 4551 or 07984796902 or 07947197575. See downloads for the patient leaflet.


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