GP direct access imaging in NCL is being affected by the rise in Covid admissions to local providers and some services have been temporarily restricted or paused.

For the latest updates on NCL imaging provision, always check the NCL Covid-19 GP website Diagnostic Services section.

RAG clinical prioritisation for GP direct-access imaging referrals

The NCL imaging departments have agreed on a set of standardised imaging prioritisation categories that are to be applied to all future referrals. These must be applied whether that GP is making a referral to independent sector or NHS service providers. For details, see the NCL Covid-19 GP website.

GPs can refer direct to hospitals for urgent diagnostics and are encouraged to consider this instead of 2WW

GP direct-access imaging services: Suspected cancer referrals move to single NCL referral form

GPs can request the following direct-access investigations for suspected cancer at any provider trust using a single referral form.


  • University College London Hospitals
  • Royal Free London
  • North Middlesex University Hospital
  • Whittington Health

Imaging modalities

  • Abdominal USS (Suspected Gall bladder or Liver Cancer) 
  • MRI/(CT if MR contraindicated e.g. pacemaker)(Suspected Brain and CNS Cancer)
  • CT abdomen (Suspected Pancreatic Cancer)
  • CXR (Suspected Lung Cancer)
  • Pelvic USS (Suspected Endometrial Cancer) (Royal Free, North Middx, Whittington Hospital only. For Gynae USS at UCLH please use the 2WW pathway)
  • Testicular USS (Suspected Testicular Cancer)

How to refer

To use these services you must use the EMIS form Urgent Direct Access Imaging Request Form (adult and paed) - Suspected Cancer - NCL FORM

Where to find the form

In local EMIS global document library systems as follows:

Barnet: BAR Global Documents > Diagnostics (BAR Global) 
Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Radiology (X-Rays/Ultrasound)  
Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Imaging 
Islington: ISL Global Documents > Imaging  

Camden: Find the form on the Camden EMIS Forms page.


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