Infectious & Tropical Diseases

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Novel coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19)

It is a statutory duty of all registered medical practitioners to report suspected/possible cases of reportable infectious diseases including Covid-19. 

The Clinical Infectious Diseases service for UCLH is led by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, which is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases and travel-related infections. It serves long-term and short-term travellers, immigrants and refugee populations. UCLH also provides a Paediatric Infections and Tropical Diseases clinic for children and young people with unusual, complicated or recurrent infections.

Please see Downloads for monkeypox guidance or visit the PHE Monkeypox page.

Childhood immunisations

The following immunisations can continue during Covid. When delivering the vaccinations, please triage and undertake the advised precautions for giving face-to-face appointments as per NHS primary care guidance

  • Childhood immunisations
    • All routine childhood immunisations from birth up to and including vaccines due at one year of age should continue. 
    • If people present for other scheduled vaccinations, the opportunity to provide these should not be missed. 
  • Maternal and targeted vaccinations
    • Please ensure that pertussis vaccination continues to be offered to pregnant women.  Where vaccination cannot be provided in maternity, please signpost pregnant women to their GP.
    • Please continue to offer and provide BCG vaccinations.  Please risk assess and prioritise those infants aged up to one year who either reside in a borough of a TB incidence rate of >40 per 100,000 or live in a household with a parent or grandparent from a country with a TB rate of >40 per 100,000.  
    • It is imperative that any infant born to a Hepatitis B positive mother receives a course of Hepatitis B vaccination as this is time critical.  These infants must continue to be identified and called for vaccinations.   


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