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Advice and guidance is available and encouraged.

Area specific guidance for Islington

20 August 2020: 

Moorfields Eye Hospital has issued referral guidance for GPs. See the details on the NCL Covid-19 website.


14 May 2020: Emergency ophthalmology services during Covid-19

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust would like to remind GPs in North Central London (NCL) that emergency ophthalmology services are available from all local units across the eight London STPs during Covid-19. The trust has provided a map and a spreadsheet of available services and contact details for all London Eye Casualty Services. Please use the A&E referral process put in place by Moorfields in response to Covid-19, which was detailed in a recent article on the NCL Covid-19 website

25 March 2020: Urgent request from Moorfields Eye Hospital

Use GP Direct Line for Conjunctivitis Emergency Screening at Moorfields A&E

Moorfields Eye Hospital is asking local GPs to reduce the footfall of patients with conjunctivitis symptoms into A&E, to protect the public and medical staff in line with government advice on Covid-19.

Unfortunately, Moorfields Eye Hospital has been receiving cases sent from GPs who have not telephoned first to screen patients. It is essential that GPs call the direct dial line for all emergencies prior to sending patients to Moorfields A&E.

t: 020 7521 4682

Please note: this is a GP-only A&E Direct Dial line, available 24/7 for emergency eye advice only. This is NOT a patient advice line. For patient advice please use this leaflet.

Your assistance to keep non-urgent cases away from Moorfields' A&E department at this time of pressure is appreciated.

Most cases of conjunctivitis are self limiting. For bacterial conjunctivitis, self care and treatment with over-the-counter chloramphenicol is appropriate. For viral conjunctivitis, treatment with lubricants and cold compresses is helpful.



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