Check the NCL Covid-19 GP website Phlebotomy page for the latest updates on NCL phlebotomy provision.

All phlebotomy must be booked in advance. Phlebotomy services are classified as ‘green’ and are reserved for patients who are not infectious with Covid-19.

The CCG is working with the trusts and GP IT to develop a paper-free requesting system for investigations.

Delivery of on-the-day blood tests – except via practices – and blood tests for patients in isolation because of Covid-19 infection in themselves is only being offered at RFL Hampstead site and Chase Farm.

Clinicians are asked to use pathology sparingly so that delivery of essential and high-priority investigations can be maintained. 

Children's phlebotomy

Whittington and UCLH are closed for GP paediatric phlebotomy until further notice. There is no walk-in service.

The blood taking service at the Royal Free Hospital is open. You must book your child's blood test appointment online, w: Book Appointment Online. There is no walk-in service.

Please note that due to infection control rules only one adult can accompany the child.

Upon arrival in the clinic, parent, guardian or the adult accompanying your child, will be asked to consent that blood is taken.

The children's blood test clinic at Royal Free Hospital runs at the following times (excluding bank holidays):

  • Tuesday 9am–4pm
  • Wednesday 9am–4pm
  • Thursday 9am–4pm
  • Friday 9am–4pm

For more information about the paediatric out-patient phlebotomy services at the Royal Free London, visit the Royal Free Hospital website.


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Last updated: Jul 6th, 2021
Review date: Sep 30th, 2021