Prostate Cancer

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For the latest updates on Cancer during the Covid pandemic, always check the NCL Covid-19 GP website cancer pages.

Update to Guidance for Referring Patients for Suspected Prostate Cancer (NCL Cancer Alliance, 11 June 2020), see Downloads

Please refer to this updated NCL Cancer Alliance guidance (previously amended April 2020) for referring patients for suspected prostate cancer.

In summary:

  • GPs should continue to refer men with suspected prostate cancer on the current 2WW form
  • GPs should undertake prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in symptomatic patients in line with NICE guidelines (new lower urinary tract symptoms, visible haematuria, unexplained non-visible haematuria WITH dysuria or raised WCC on blood test)
  • GPs should continue to undertake PSA testing in asymptomatic patients following Public Health England’s Prostate Cancer Risk Management Guidelines on the risks and benefits
  • GPs should take the opportunity to discuss the need for men to attend secondary care for their investigations and address or reassure them regarding any concerns they have.
  • We are aware that there are pressures on phlebotomy across NCL at this time but that efforts are being made to restore capacity as quickly as possible.

Area specific guidance for Camden

The aim of the prostate cancer service is to provide an enhanced support for stable prostate cancer patients in primary care. The service includes an annual holistic needs assessment (HNA) and PSA monitoring. This service supports Camden CCG’s strategic objective of moving care closer to home. It will also ensure primary care is funded for work being moved from secondary to primary care.

When a stable prostate cancer treatment summary and discharge letter is received, or if you have any queries, please contact

The aim of the Prostate Cancer Service LES is to provide an enhanced support for stable prostate cancer patients in primary care. Practices can download the clinical template and import into EMIS.

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Last updated: Feb 11th, 2021
Review date: Aug 2nd, 2021