Differentiation of the Cs in lung cancer: Cancer vs Covid

The national lung cancer clinical reference group has produced guidance to assist in clarifying the distinction between lung cancer and Covid-19. 
The guidance (v3 10 June 2020) suggests mitigation for the overlapping symptoms of cough, breathlessness and fatigue.

Quick access advice and guidance is available from UCLH respiratory consultants, during the Covid-19 outbreak
t: via hospital switchboard 020 3456 7890 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm). 

Out of hours cover will be provided by the duty medical registrar
t: 020 3456 7890 bleep 4301

NHS England and NHS Improvement has issued a Primary and Community Respiratory Resource Pack for Use During Covid-19 (ultimate iteration, version 7 issued on 27 July 2020), providing guidance on managing people with Covid-19 symptoms. The pack, developed in collaboration with respiratory specialists, and London’s GP leaders and GP communities, will be reviewed and re-released once a fortnight (see release schedule on page 4).

Area specific guidance for Camden

There are a variety of services that fall under Camden's community respiratory care. These include asthma outpatients, TB services and stop smoking. CNWL offer a support service for those with COPD. 

CNWL also provides home-oxygen monitoring.


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Last updated: Feb 4th, 2021
Review date: Jul 31st, 2021