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The application process is reaching the end and the September 2020 places are filling up quickly and some HEIs are now closed for new applications. Please see the document below for the HEIs recent capacity for new applicants, this was collected in the last weekand the most updated information.  It should be useful for any applicants that have not yet confirmed a University place and are unsure on where to apply for.  The ACP trainees still have the option to apply at Universities that are not listed on the course booklet, however any Universities that are not contracted with HEE ACP, then the employer will need to pay for their tuition fee and then send HEE proof of payment in order for us to reimburse the fee (Trusts through LDA and Training Hubs Invoice)  Any demands that have been returned back to HEE does not mean that the HEI place has been reserved, the ACP trainee will still need to go through the application process with the University. So, if you have sent your final demand and later find any of the applicants have amended their University please inform Carolyn Matthews as soon as possible, so that records can be updated, this will help when student enrollment is verified. 

For more information please review the following documents:

 Any questions should be emailed to

Expiry date: Jan 31st, 2021