User Guide: Navigation

NCL Wide

You can browse the website using the navigation at the top of each page.

All content is centred around clinical topics, which are listed in the Topics dropdown menu

Hover over any category name to reveal a list of related topics.

In-page filtering can be found on many pages. Click on "Filter by" and use the dropdown to filter the results shown.

You can browse all pathways from the Pathways menu.

You'll find key general practice information under the Practice Management menu. The content shown here will vary depending on your location, but you can expect to find information on: 

  • Practice Management
  • Medicines Management
  • GP IT
  • GP HR
  • Quality Alerts
  • and more

The down arrow is used where there is area-specific guidance. Click to reveal the list of boroughs and select the one you wish to access. If you are logged into the website and have selected which areas you work in, the website will only display links that are relevant to you.

You can access education resources such as events, training information and videos from the Education menu.

Finally, you can access an index page showing recent news from the News menu. If you have an RSS news reader, you can also subscribe to the news RSS feed.

At any time, if you encounter a problem or wish to provide us with feedback, use the feedback tab at the side of the screen.

User Guide: Navigation

NCL Wide
March 24th, 2021