User Guide: Registration

NCL Wide

This website contains information relevant to all boroughs in NCL. Content is marked with tags describing where it is available. 

In order to serve you with relevant information, we recommend registering for an account, as some content can only be accessed to logged in users.

During registration, you can define which areas (boroughs) are relevant to you. When logged in, the website will only display information that is tagged with those areas.

Additionally, you can select one or more interests. The website sends weekly General Practice Updates emails, and the information you see in that newsletter will be ordered by the interests that you set.

Once logged in, you will see links at the top of the screen allowing you to manage aspects of your account. 

My Account allows you to edit your personal details and preferences.

My Events allows you to access any event tickets, post-event surveys and attendence certificates.

My CPD allows you to record any learning you have done via the website, and optionally connects to your Clarity Toolkit, allowing you to push any CPD records from the GP Website to your Clarity account.

My Services is mostly relevant to service providers. It allows providers to directly manage the services they are responsible for. They can edit existing services, or use the Submit a Service form to add a new service to the website.

Updates shows a feed of recently updated, relevant information from across the website, based on your preferences. This content also gets sent out to each member in the form of a weekly email newsletter.

At any time, if you encounter a problem or wish to provide us with feedback, use the feedback tab at the side of the screen.

User Guide: Registration

NCL Wide
March 24th, 2021